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Moss Dragon Gems

Christmas Crystal Confetti

Christmas Crystal Confetti

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Christmas Crystal Confetti - How is that for some alliteration? As we move into the holiday season, what better way to bring in the holiday spirit than a scoop of our very own Christmas Crystal Confetti?

Each scoop will include 3 guaranteed holiday fluorite carvings.

Tumbles: Moss Agate, African Bloodstone, Dragons Blood, Howlite, Clear Quartz

Chips: Garnet, Red Jasper, Green Adventurine, Howlite, Clear Quartz

Special Items:
- Fluorite Carvings: Present, Gingerbread Man, Snowflake, Candy, Reindeer, Stocking, Mitten, Candy Cane
- Dragons Blood Mini Point
- Moss Agate Disc
- Mini Bells

*We do not guarantee the inclusion of every stone mentioned and duplicates may be present due to the nature of the scooping process.

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